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1 Year Of Excellent Hosting With HostWithLove

4 Oct, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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I started using Arvixe 6 years ago and it was amazing for years until being acquired by EIG(who now owns a TON of other hosting companies including Hostgator and ASO).

Many issues start arising, they don’t have the same customer support, all the workers that go the extra miles to help you are gone, the new support team no longer care about your issues. Hence I finally decided to switch to a different hosting provider.

While searching for a new host for all my websites, I stumbled upon WebHostingTalk and eventually came to know about HostWithLove. There was countless of positive reviews floating around WHT. I had a brief conversation with Jansen, and he replied in a very timely manner and was always very kind and approachable.

So, without further delays, I moved my websites to HostWithLove.

Below is my honest rating for their service for the past 1 year:

Uptime: 5/5 (according to Pingdom)
Performance: 5/5
Support: 5/5
Cost: 4.5/5 (Might be a bit costly for beginners, but in the end, you get what you pay for)
Overall: 5/5

18409_.png (512×287)

If you need a trustable host that cares about its customers, your WordPress blog, or site in general, I recommend you to give these guys a try.

Their shared plans start from $3.90/month but I did find a promotional code on their Facebook page that gives a 25% recurring discount for life. Here is the code if you are interested: 25OFF

There’s always a 45-days money-back guarantee, so you can always get your money refunded back in case you’re not satisfied (which would be a rare case, I think). If you take my personal experience as reference, I believe you will be immensely satisfied.


What Is A 3d Visualization Of Exterior At All?

9 Sep, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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Many of us have seen realistic images of houses, cottages, gardens, which show in detail how nice it all looks from different angles. Here are a few examples.

In fact, these are not photos. They are just the ideas of designers and architects who work out the development plan.Yes, it is not built yet, but the designer has already embodied the idea in a visual image on which the happy owner of the real estate is able to assess how things will look like, and make adjustments, if applicable.That is, exterior visualizer is the person who creates a photorealistic image based on the given plan of development.

Here many readers might have a natural question – this is, probably, a sort of very creative profession, which has to be studied for years in institutions? Yes, this work is a creative one, because you need not only to create a scene, but also to give realism to it. On the other hand – the work on specific task forces to follow a predetermined plan that makes everything much easier.

With regard to study, we’ll talk about it a little later.We would like to say that it’s not so terrible and expensive, as it seems, but available.

How much can you earn by doing visualization of exteriors?

This is the second natural question that arises before you decide whether to spend time exploring a new field for yourself.This can be answered simply – the construction field is expensive in general.If you require for designer services, the services of visualizer are also needed – picture can tell a person much more than a thousand words and plans.This means that the exterior visualization services aren’t cheap, which means that this can be quite a good work for earning for living.

For example, work on a simple building, which takes a couple of days, can cost 10 thousand roubles and more. The more complex the project is, and the more images are required from different angles, the more expensive the work will be. Thus, even a novice with a serious approach to the work may earn 50 thousand roubles in a month and more.

Experienced professionals, whom every novice will become sooner or later, have monthly income of more than 100 thousands and this is common thing. Would you agree that this is quite decent payment? Especially if you do not have to leave the house to do this work, and it is enough to have only a computer.

What do you need to start studying a profession of visualizer?

It’s simple – you need to have 3 things only:

  1. A computer, powerful enough to work with 3D Max program.Most part of homecomputers,capableto cope with moderngames-shooters, having 4 GB RAM, are suitable at the initial stage.
  2. The desire and perseverance – this must be named the principal thing.Nothing will work out if to treat work carelesslyand especially,if you do notAnyonewhotreats work seriously, reachsuccess – this is the fact of life.
  3. Teacher – you need to have sufficiently experienced specialist, who will teach you all the details of 3D visualization.It is desirable to have the opportunity to ask questions, which the beginner always has many.

If the first and second points make more or less clearance and are solved on your own, the third is bit more complicated. Reading books, video tutorials and learning courses on modeling in 3D Max – they are nearly useless, as they will give a lot of theory, but little clearer in terms of actual 3D visualization of exteriors.Therefore, we will provide you with links to video tutorials on this topic from the two very known visualizers.If you learn, do it from the best!


How To Convert Videos For Different Devices With Movavi Video Converter

27 Aug, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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As you may have noticed, different devices tend to have different types of formats that they are compatible with. Some formats such as MP4, MPEG and AVI tend to be compatible with a wide range of devices, however other formats such as MKV, VOB, and so on tend to be more limited.

If you want to convert your video and ensure it is compatible for a particular device, the first thing you need to know is the formats that are compatible with that device. That can be tricky, but one way to make it a little bit easier is by using Movavi Video Converter.

On the whole, Movavi Video Converter simplifies everything about video converting to make it much easier and far more user-friendly. If you wanted to convert MKV to MP4 (for example) all you need to do is load the MKV video, select MP4 from the list of formats, and click the ‘Convert’ button.

In the event that you’re unsure which format would be compatible with a certain device, you could opt to pick a preset instead of one of the formats. Each preset that is included in Movavi Video Converter is engineered so that it will automatically use the best possible format for that particular device or platform – so you can be sure it will not only be compatible, but also optimized.

Furthermore there are several other notable features in Movavi Video Converter that may prove useful. It can convert audio and image files, extract audio tracks from videos, create animated GIFs, enhance video quality, cut and combine video segments, grab screenshots, and crop or rotate videos.

Should any one of those features pique your interest all you need to do is try it out and you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with it in minutes at most. In fact it shouldn’t take you any more than that to learn how to use Movavi Video Converter as a whole, and once you do you’ll be able to switch the formats of your videos quickly and effectively without any problems.


Get Your Business Organised With Records Management Software

16 Aug, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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There are a number of business organisations, wherein there are different codes for a number of computers. Due to certain security issues, those codes are not shared. However, during the work process there are a number of problems that may arise due to this lack in software connectivity and hence need for a records management software arises.

With this kind of open source software, there is a licensing agreement that allows the source or computer code to be shared and modified as per demands. In most cases, development of this type is a public collaborative process that makes all the details open before public. With these process, products that are to be placed before audience gets better in terms of its features and quality and a proper records management can be done.

How has this software become important?

Thus, in present times, this type of software is extremely important since it helps in monitoring quality control of certain products. The records that are attained from these products need to be taken care of with great importance. So, the associated records management software also helps in making sure that further studies can be made in terms of that particular product or project. Such management of records are important for deriving client feedback as well.

In comparison to expensive products that are making a step in the market, with open source software, a number of people can find cheap source that makes sure that for small companies charges get comparatively lower.

Advantages of Open Source records management software:

There are a number of advantages that calls for usage of this software in comparison to others. In that respect, it is important that people check out how this software can be of more relevance.

Customise your software:

With this technique, you can get a chance to customise your software as per your needs. The upgrade process, modification, budget associated with this software can also be controlled as per requirement.

software-selection.jpg (308×256)

Lower cost:

First and foremost this is free software; hence the initial cost is reduced to a great extent. Added to that, due to lack of license issues, so cost included in license renewal and other such aspects are also reduced. Hence, for any company, this is a huge benefit.

However, there are other associated costs such as maintenance cost and long term up gradation costs. Those are minimal, and do not cause a major difference in any organisation’s budget.

Support system:

This software depends on online community for support in terms of blogs and articles. Hence with their help a variety can be found in terms of service system.


Whereas in case of a number of other software, up gradation has to be done in general manner, with this system, update is only required when there are enhanced features available. In that case as well, with consent of user this up gradation is to be made. Hence an open source records management software in this regard becomes easier as it does not call for much change in original software.

Lack of discrimination:

In this respect, there is no discrimination in terms of persons, or certain fields. Hence, everyone can get a chance to check out what this software observes.

Thus, with records management software a person or an organisation can get complete benefit in every respect.

Author bio:

Have you been looking forth to reduce costs related to software? Or looking for a reliable software solution provider, With help from, any custom or special software can be developed in this regard !


Hiring A Reliable Web Designer In Italy

30 Jul, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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Hiring a credible web designer these days is not that easy as it sounds. Not to mention that there are several online outsourcing platforms where you can hire an employee. It’s actually a risk you have to take since the future of your business website is at his or her hands.

Examine competitors

Most designers never care about your business and all they want is the profit coming from you. There is talented and skillful web design Italy and they are scattered from all around the world. But the best web designer is the one who tends to examine your competitors in the business and makes sure that you can stand out against them. Researching the competition and making sure that he is able to match or probably put your competitors’ web design to shame will make a great impact. The design includes the content, the niche, and information. A good way to determine if this is the right guy is by asking about portfolios In case he has a preview client that has the same niche as you are, by all means, ask for it.


As the person who runs the business, every tic of the clock counts. You are running out of time day by day and your competitors’ business websites are enjoying as they dominate the web. Since your website, on the other hand, is under maintenance, then lots of your previous and existing customers may look for another site. This could end up into a devastating profit. Hence, you need to ask the web design Perugia specialist if how much time they need. Most of the time, a web development company can produce a site within less in a week. This will vary depending on the package. If it is an e-commerce or woo commerce site, this may take a lot of time. Ask them the time they have to render to produce your site.


Last but not the least is all about communication. Without proper communication, it can affect the overall work like numerous revisions and modifications. Instead of relaunching or launching your site faster, there are several issues that you and the web designing team you need to deal with. Most of the web designer will present you the site from time to time by giving you your own access. In case there are revisions to make, you need to contact them immediately. Before the prelaunch of the site, you as the owner together with the team will check any issues like glitches.


How to Get Subscribers for Your Email Newsletter

29 Jul, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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Email marketing is still an efficient and effective tool to get word out about your new products and services, but sending out an email every week or so would be pretty much useless if you didn’t have any subscribers. Don’t worry, it’s normal to start from very few subscribers, but the important thing is that you have to make the subscriber count grow over time; otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and energy. There are a lot of ways to increase your number of subscribers. Here are a few.

Give Back

Give them a reward for clicking that subscribe button. Give them a promo code or a coupon. Something they can’t refuse. That way subscribers would be more enticed to subscribe because they feel like their getting something in exchange for nothing.

Place Your Sign Up Bar Strategically

You don’t just put your sign up bar in one place. You have to put it everywhere to increase the chances of people noticing it. It’s the same logic with a mousetrap. If you just put it in one place, sure, there is still a possibility that it would catch the mouse, but buy multiple mousetraps and put it everywhere, and it increases your chances of catching the mouse. Also consider the placement of the sign up bar. Put it after a blog post, not before. That way, if the reader has read your blog post and decides that he wants to see more, he can easily sign up to your newsletter.

Use the Power of Social Media

You are so lucky to be living in a time when it’s so easy to share something with just one click. Use it to your advantage by promoting the newsletter on Facebook or Twitter. Besides, if they’ve already “liked” you or “followed” you, chances are that they would want to subscribe to your newsletter. Twitter also has what they call Twitter lead generation cards that can get users to your followers to subscribe to your newsletter even without leaving the social networking site.

Another important factor in your email marketing strategy is the email marketing software that you use. The software for email marketing has gotten quite sophisticated, and you can get so much for just a minimal monthly fee. To see the software options available, you can see some of the email marketing software reviewed here for comparisons of the best software on the market.


Achieve Greater Possibilities With Plantronics Wireless Headset

6 Jun, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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Nothing has made communication perfect than the wireless headsets. And among all the amazing products released till today, Plantronics Wireless Headset offer the best user experience and above that, more value for your money.

Plantronics has been renowned to deliver best quality sound systems and communication gadgets since their establishment back in the year 1969. Considering the wireless headsets, they are unparalleled when it comes to specifications and design. Plantronics boasts of an eye-catchy and creative exterior, aside from its innovative features, particular for their wireless products.


Plantronics have been coming up with more prized releases. Their wireless communication tool exclusively incorporates both functionality and elegance and delivers powerful communication performance. The Plantronics wireless headsets give users great hours of talk time. That means more clients being entertained, more questions clarified, more miscellaneous errands accomplished and more tasks relayed.

The Plantronics wireless headset allows you to move about your office at any time, without having to worry about missing any important calls. You can be as far as 50 to 100 meters from your desk and still be able to answer all your important phone calls. Now, as the headsets are light in weight, these wireless gadgets will not pose any stress on your ears. And since they are beautifully designed, users do not find it awkward wearing them along with their office uniform.

The Plantronics wireless headsets are wearable in three different ways. Therefore, users are able to explore a lot of and secure maximum comfort while they are using the device. They do not have to suffer holding through the headsets up for long time or pinning them between their shoulders and ear while talking over the phone. The headsets can be hooked behind the ear, neck or over the head as per user’s convenience. Moreover, users also get exempted from dealing with the hassles of wires and cables. Such aspects greatly impair mobility; giving users a tough time adjusting to their environment, just in case they need to move. Often, cables and wires unexpectedly get stuck on edges and hooks, interrupting important conversations and leading to any sort of accidental property damage. With wireless headsets, muscles stains on arms, neck and shoulders are minimized, movement is enhanced and equipment breakage is avoided.

Plantronics wireless headsets are a great approach to maximize working opportunities in your office. As employees need not to be restricted to their desks only, they can freely move and engage in other fruitful activities. They can encode files, photocopy documents or attend meetings and still be able to answer important calls even when they are away from their desks!


4 Essential Trainings Your Virtual Staff Need

23 May, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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If you want to get the best out of your business, you have to think about how you can create skilled and energetic workforce. The only logical way to do that is to invest in a fool-proof training program. It’s not a new thing though, but businesses seldom consider the importance of training.

Among many other factors determining the value of training, some key areas where it becomes vital for all organization has been:

  • Awareness about workplace environment
  • Reducing employee retention a major threat for services industry

This post talks through the important training sessions you should conduct physically by means of video collaboration technology, in order to mishaps.

  1. Orientation

Needless to say, every employee needs understanding about the place where he works and the responsibilities of his job. Orientation is the basic part and here is a valid reason why it’s even more important for manufacturing businesses than services businesses;

  • 1.3 million US-based employees encounter injuries every year, because of the lack of orientation training.
  • 5,500 employees die of injuries every year, only in the U.S, and that’s because of the poor orientation.

While these results are related to physical session, orientation for virtual staff is as vital, since your operations require no physical space, but still, your employees need proper understanding of what you do and how things are run in your company.

What could you possibly do with limited space and no proper training facility? You can talk to Resolve Collaboration Services who can assist you with state-of-the-art video collaboration solution, making sure you conduct a successful orientation session online.

2. Corporate Wellness

You can also help your employees reduce healthcare expenses by conducting wellness programs and training sessions. In this way, according to studies, you can help them save $1.65 per dollar spent on training.

Following ideas are worth implementing:

  • Diseases screening
  • Health risk assessment
  • Fitness facilities
  • Nutrition workshop
  • Substance abuse
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight management
  • Healthy sleep habits

3. Customer Service

To give your employees a chance to learn quickly, you can invest in video collaboration training programs, and you’ll find a lot of training room facilities in Singapore. Some popular ideas include:

  • Customer service skills
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Phone etiquette
  • Tackling irate customers
  • Listening skills

In this way, you can teach your employees:

  • How to turn contented customers into recurring customers
  • How to handle customer complaints

Nowadays, customer support is offered by virtual staff, so virtual training is inevitable for them.

4. Workplace Ethics

In 2008, the United States public department received more than 95000 complaints and majority of them dealt with sexual harassment. In fact, there were 32,000 reported cases of sexual harassment in 2008. Employers had to pay close to $275 million to remunerate the complainants.

Do you want to save yourself from lawsuits or other related troubles? There’s no point saying, “No” to it. How are you going to ensure that? Conduct a work ethic training!

With successful trainings, you can go on to invest in the following programs for better, informed and productive workforce:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace diversity
  • Code of conduct

5-Factors to consider while choosing from the best IT Support Specialists in Toronto

May, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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Today, many small businesses and also start-ups are affording operational IT support services to run their business smoothly. Businesses with fewer resources always look forward to efficient yet cost –effective Toronto IT support services so that they can experience business growth and profits from the limited supply they have.

Presently, there is no dearth of companies providing IT support solutions. But selecting the best among the rest has become challenging. Apart from affordable rates, it’s necessary to check the experience or the proficiency of the Toronto IT support specialists offering the services.

If you are a small business owner and looking forward to purchasing IT support services, you must be informed with a couple of things before you invest in any of such services from any overseas company. Companies like TAG IT Support Toronto and more are dedicated to offering their inland and overseas clients with the state-of-art technology to protect the computers, network, security, etc without creating any hassle to the regular workflow of the businesses.

Here are the 5 factors that you must have to consider while choosing from the finest IT support specialists in Toronto—


Before taking a rash decision of choosing any service provider out of the blues, it is always suggested to shortlist a couple of companies offer IT support services and finalize one considering their proficiency, expertise, certification and various other things. When you are selecting the handful of service providers, above all, check how proficient they are. Go through the work profile of the Toronto IT support specialists and check their achievements so far.

Experience matters—

Check the total work experience of the IT support company. It is necessary to know the time period when they are in business. Depending on their total years of service experience, you can confidently select one of the finest companies ensuring quality Toronto IT support services. Maybe, a newbie company can ensure smart job through cloud or online support—but in such cases experience matters as well.


From the websites of the Toronto IT support specialists, you can get the detailed information of their certification. Many service providers post a snapshot of the certificate they have achieved from the premier centers certifying technicians on their websites.

Thus, you should be careful while selecting the outsourced IT support service provider considering their certifications.

Services offered—

From the range of services offered by the IT support specialists in Toronto, their proficiency can be judged. You should want to be associated with a versatile technical team that is expert in solving various computer or network related problems via cloud/online services.

Thus, thoroughly check the services the IT support companies are offering. You can get the details from their websites or from the newsletters or mailers.


Depending on the experience, certification, versatility, and excellent feedback the costs of the service providers vary. Considering your budget and choice, you can select the IT company for the overseas technical support.

Catch up these pointers discussed above to get in touch with the most sought after IT support specialists for your organization.

Simplify Your Essential Business Processes With A Professional Courier Services Company

6 May, 2016
Lillian Sullivan
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Those associated with business and trades know it better than anyone that what a courier service means for an organization. When businesses manufacture goods and products, they need to transport the merchandise to markets where they can be sold to customers. As times have changed, people now prefer shopping over web as it offers much convenience and comfort. When people buy things online, they are provided with the purchased items right at their desired place. This has bridged the gap between manufacturers and consumers as people can now order and buy things from across the globe and get them delivered at their address within days.


The major role that courier services play

As all business today needs to provide goods and services to their customers over web, they now depend on courier services for sending and shipping parcels and consignments. Whether it’s a local consumer or an international one, brands need to make sure that the products they are manufacturing must reach all consumers so a satisfaction level can be maintained. Customers mean everything to businesses and they go the extra mile to keep them happy and satisfied as consumers can make or break any brand or business. Cheap international courier services are helping out businesses and brands to simplify their work and essential business operations and hand over the packing and shipping department to experts who are skilled at their job.

Why hire a courier service?

Many brands and organizations maintain a full fledge shipping and logistics department but maintaining such an in-house facility required finance and capital as employees have to be paid and packing material and fuel has to be purchased that causes additional burden on an organization. Small businesses and organizations, who do not have resource and budget to maintain such departments, request courier services to the job. These companies perform the entire packing and shipping thing, offer parcel delivery to Germany, and deliver parcels and consignments to consumers residing within and outside the state.

International courier services allow businesses to increase the overseas consumer base and help enhance brand recognition. People love to shop from businesses and brands who allow customers to shop online no matter where and when.  Those having reliable courier companies by their side are bagging huge profits and those who do not are actually missing out on a great opportunity to earn huge bucks. Find a parcel delivery company today and make your business grow abundantly.